7 Points Checklist for Choosing the Best Software Development Company in Lucknow

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  • March 14, 2021
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India is emerging as the IT hub of the world and according to a NASSCOM report, India’s IT workforce will touch the number of 3 crores employees by 2020. Out of this number, there is around 50 lakh people are related to the Software development industry in India. It means India already has the world’s largest software development workforce. 

With such an overwhelming number of software developers, it can be a daunting process to find the best Software development company in Lucknow. In fact, a good company will deliver you the software as per your requirements. A software development company in Lucknow can make or break your business, that is why you need to consider a lot of things while looking for a software development team in Lucknow to partner with. 

Now the point is while looking for a software development company you will come across many companies which look the same in rates and services they provide. Hence as one of the best software development companies in Lucknow, Codingclave Technologies we come up with a seven points checklist for choosing the best software development workforce for your project.

Ethical Values:

work ethics of software development company in Lucknow

A software development company in Lucknow with great work ethics tends to complete tasks fastly and in an organized way. You should review their code of conduct and scrutinize staff’s interpersonal communication. Plus it is necessary that they all work in an organized manner with keeping higher productivity to accomplish projects before deadlines. It’s always better to hire integrity-driven people who commit to giving their hundred and ten percent to you.

Analyze the Portfolio of the Company:

The developmental process of applications requires a diversified approach and in-depth knowledge of multiple programming languages. Check out our Portfolio and find what our previous clients say. No only CodingClave can be with any Software development company.

A company who has diverse software development experience in different programming languages and platforms.

Whether you are going for a complex software development, food delivery software or eCommerce software your partner company must have experience in all segments. However, what kind of methodology they follow, you must cross check some of the requirements mentioned below:

  • Experience in various programming languages such as Java, PHP, React Native, iOS, Android, JavaScript, Python, DotNet, Node, React and many more.
  • Offers best UX/UI.
  • Maintains deadlines
  • They have contributed to community like Github, Stackoverflow, etc. 
  • Their finished software developmental projects have variety

Expertise in all kinds of operating systems:

As you might know that there are different kinds of operating systems that are used for specific user requirements worldwide. This includes Linux-based, Windows, Mac, etc. You have to make sure that your software development company in Lucknow must have expertise in these operating systems so they can deliver responsive applications. However, it’s recommended to ensure that your investment can’t change into loss, you must have partnered with a company that has a seamless all-around experience. 

Check out what are the Reviews of other Clients:

The opinion of their clients and users matters a lot. It’s an easy process, you just have to check the ratings and reviews of apps they have developed. This is the last thing you might be interested in checking because you will find out nearly every bug they have left behind. Check the severity of the bugs and if they are not much severe then you can go with that particular software development firm in Lucknow. 

Off-shore Software development companies:

The main question that might be arising into your mind is that whether to go with an offshore software development company in Lucknow or is a bad idea? 

Well it doesn’t effect the expertise of any software developer if they are working remotely from any location. If we look on the company level. The only things matters to you is that whether that particular company can step out of their comfort zone or not. 

However, according to Good firms – more than 53% of companies step out from their comfort zone to accommodate you with the best response possible from their side. Therefore it’s best to see their one mile extra efforts when considering a software development company in Lucknow.

Security is essential:

We are seeing in everyday news that companies are getting attacked by non-state or state-sponsored hackers in Lucknow. As there is no pepper implementation of protocols in software used in Lucknow. You have to make sure that the company that is going to develop your software has expertise in the Cyber Security domain also. 

As we know that nearly all kinds of software nowadays is running the verification process. Many of these verification processes force users to input email, numbers, and passwords. Without proper data security implementation in your software, it becomes hard for them to trust your company. 

Hence, before signing any contract you must check if there are important legal provisions related to security, protocols, header and the technology they are going to use for your software.

The Need of Open & Transparent Communication:

No doubt, Open & transparent communication is the key to get the job done in less time. It’s always better to have a team of software developers who are also open to discuss and implement new ideas. However, it’s amazing if your partner software developer company in Lucknow submits reports timely.

Once your software development is completed, it’s not the end. There will be a lot of modifications, bug fixes, configuration, and backup processes so it’s suggested by Codingclave Technologies to sign a deal with a company that offers support even after the 1st development phase completion. 

These are some of the seven points of the checklist you should consider while choosing a software developer company in Lucknow.

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