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We are known as the best digital marketing company in Lucknow. We help you to grow your business with the unique strategies of our expert Digital Marketing Company Consultants. Codingclave is a leading top digital marketing agency in Lucknow which is devoted in giving extra growth and brand awareness to your company through online marketing.

If you need proven techniques and continuous accelerated growth and an expert team to focus on efficiency and output through digitalization (digital marketing). Our digital marketing agency consultant brings out-of-the-box strategies to the successful digitalization of your business. Dive into the world of digital marketing with the best digital marketing agency in Lucknow, India and enjoy the fruitful benefits of internet marketing.

Digital marketing mainly comprises of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Codingclave offers you the best SEO services in Lucknow, India with guaranteed results that will take your business on top position’s on the result page, making our firm the best SEO agency in India.  

We all are pretty much aware of these two terms: SEO and SMM. Let’s understand a few more common practices of the digital marketing campaign. SMO, SEM, and PPC. 

SEM: Also known as pay-per-click. With an increasing demand for online shopping and researching, search engine marketing has become an eminent technique for internet entrepreneurship. It is a strategy to increase the website’s visibility in search engine result pages. It is a paid form of marketing, advertisers bid on the keyword that users type on services such as Google, which allows the opportunity to the advertiser to show his ad alongside the search results. Our team proffers the finest Search Engine marketing services in India. You can find the uniqueness of our brand in the below section Why Codingclave.

SMO: It is a technique used to grow social media networks to manage and grow an organization’s online presence. The basic motive of social media optimization is to drive web traffic and create a demand for a specific brand or company. For unique strategies, Codingclave holds a position in the leading and best digital marketing companies in Lucknow, India. 

Some tips for social media optimization:

  1. Use social media analytics to your advantage.
  2. Create content that can engage your audience. Also, remember to make content shareable so a large audience can understand it.
  3. Hashtags your friend in the world of SMO.
  4. Work on optimizing your social media profiles.

In today’s world, everyone needs prominent business growth and for this, you need to have a virtual presence of your business. Reaching out to the audience who are unknown to your products and services and transforming them into loyal customers. Here is an opportunity to get assistance from the best social media marketing company in India.

All the above-mentioned techniques add great value to your brand building. There can only be two options to grow your business. First, physically and second virtually.

Advantages of Virtual business:

  • What is the best asset in the digital age? Human resource, people or to be precise a network of people. That’s how big organizations are running on such a large scale because they have greater manpower, the more assets, the more income. Virtual marketing is opening your company to a network of thousands of people without any geographical boundaries. Digital marketing is the best platform to introduce your business and build brand trust.
  • There is no time capping your business. You will be productive 24/7. 
  • Time is money, so time earned is money earned, isn’t it? There are chatbots to save your time and energy. Your virtual customer dealer. You need not be present to deal with each user that visits your site.
  • The major advantage is that it requires minimal investment for brand building. We all want high profits with low investments, don’t we?. You have come across the perfect site, Codingclave offers the best budget-friendly digital marketing services in India that will help to boost your sales. So, now there will be less tension and more business growth.


We are the best leading digital marketing company in Lucknow, India. Here we look after all the digital needs of your business. List of activities on which our expert Business Consultant regularly work on-

  1. Our digital marketing expert work on your growth portfolio by understanding what it takes to start, grow and scale companies online.
  2. Our digital marketing agency is India’s number one trusted growth partner. We help you save your precious years of trial and error hiring, retaining, and firming of a digital marketing firm.
  3. Track record of your growth and revenue is kept in a proper manner which helps you to keep a record of everything.
  4. Our expert consultancy saves your million dollars from inefficiency and ineffectiveness from the trial and error approach.
  5. Digital marketing agency experts focus on ROI and revenue generation by working on your core business needs.
  6. Online marketing agency strategist works on the most important aspect and that is revenue generation and guaranteed clients which is more important than any other aspects at the end of the day.
  7. Our strategists are always ready to work on your needs and demands and available 24 x 7 for your queries and ideas.

Speak with our top internet marketing strategist and get innovative ideas for the digitalization of your business.

  • To get exponential growth
  • Implementing a complete digital marketing strategy aligned to your core business.
  • Highest ROI and low cost- no matter what your goal is we have got you covered.

Unlock the mantra of successful digitalization of your business


Codingclave – Digital Marketing Company in Vikas Nagar (Lucknow) india offers various services in Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Page Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Web Traffic
  • App Download


Brand Awareness is what we focus on by using various social media tools and use social media networks to manage and grow an organization’s message and online presence.

We are one of the best Social Media Optimization company in Lucknow, India for:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Maximum Reach
  • Brand Recall Value
  • Online Reputation Management


Search Engine Marketing increase the visibility of your website in the search engine results pages we do website promotions through online marketing. And by integrating Search Engine Marketing & Google Ads, display campaigns we can drive a lift in clicks, interactions, and conversions. We can be the best choice as a Search Engine Marketing Company in Lucknow for PPC and Google ads.

  • Google Ads
  • Traffic On Landing Pages
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Lead Generations


Codingclave is a well-known SEO agency in Lucknow. SEO is to get more visitors to your website and to achieve sustainable better Ranking on Google, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best & easy way to redirect more people to your website with an affordable pricing option. Automated crawling, website optimization, keyword monitoring, and backlink analysis are what we focus on. Increase organic Google visibility, and leads for your company through customized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs. Custom Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • International SEO
  • YouTube SEO


Email Marketing is not a deal if you do it in the right way, for mass reach in the most cost-effective way email marketing is one of the best methods which a company can opt for its Business Promotion.

We at Codingclave offers various Email Marketing Services

  • Promotional Bulk Emails
  • Email Automation Services
  • Email Design / Draft Service
  • Email Content Sequence


Videos are the ideal format for content consumption. To illustrate the essential Content of your business video marketing proves the Best medium of expression. The visual demonstration of the message makes the advertisement or promotional video appear lucid and visually appealing. If you want your videos to pack a punch and captivate your audience, we’re the video marketing company for you.

Our Offerings For Video Marketing Are:

  • Concept & Content
  • Voice Over
  • Shooting & Editing
  • Corporate Video Presentation
  • Videos For Ad Promotions


Change is inevitable! As time changes so do the website, when your site no longer meet your needs then its time to redesign either due to market shift or outdated old version or change in your product strategy we strive to nurture & develop your ideas into Premium, Custom & well designed and developed Websites that are straight out of your dreams.

Our Offerings For Website Restructuring

  • Concept Restructuring
  • Content Restructuring
  • Lead Capturing Concept
  • Minimize The Traffic Loss


A process of driving sales by raising awareness about the online brand stores, product offering, etc. eCommerce marketing has two general initiatives: driving website traffic and optimizing the user experience to convert them into Buyers. Both components are crucial in the context of sales generation. Many new eCommerce store owners believe that an eye-catching, easy-to-use website and competitive pricing are more than enough. However, e-commerce websites need much more than this to stand apart from the competition.

Our Offerings For E-Commerce Marketing

  • Increasing Traffic On Website By Dedicated Social Media & Search Engine Based Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Optimizing Product Page Copy
  • Relevant Blog Posts
  • Keyword-driven FAQ Section On Website


Using various Channels of Online Marketing we offer sales-oriented Lead Generation to our clients. qualified leads can lead more sales into any Business and this is what a Business owner expects at the end of Marketing.

We offer

  • General Leads
  • Verified Leads
  • Qualified Leads
  • Walk-in Ready Leads
Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing Services & Company

There are many finest & reputed Digital marketing agencies in Lucknow. Among them, Codingclave provides the best digital marketing services in Lucknow. This agency assists & ensures your business growth, brand awareness & takes your venture to a whole new level in online marketing. By their impeccable services, your regular visitors convert into permanent satisfied customers that ultimately deliver you a great business.

Choosing digital marketing services in Lucknow is not an easy task. As there are so many here. So while considering one make sure you choose the right one for your business. Follow these tips for picking the right digital marketing company in Lucknow :

  1. Determine your company’s marketing requirements by asking some questions to yourself like – what do I want to pull off with an agency & how much am I willing to spend to achieve this? In that way, you will understand & save a lot of your time & valuable resources.
  2. Find an agency that meets your requirements & needs. Look for the packages a company is offering, Do they fit with what you want your business to achieve. Additionally, the cost is also a factor to consider if the digital marketing package isn’t relevant to your needs & budget it’s not The one for you.
  3. Do your background research & investigate the agencies you have shortlisted. Do they practice what they preach? You can find out looking at the results they have produced, how they run their website? How they maintained their own blog contents? How do they handle their social media? How much quality feedback & reviews they have got? The same goes with SEO, how well they are ranking on google search? Did you find them on the first page of google?

The digital marketing company is for every field, no matter which industry you are linked with. You can say, digital marketing is simply the need of the hour, in easy terms digital marketing is a way of internet marketing. It has various functions which are as follows :

  1. Digital marketing increases your online presence.
  2. It executes certain market research on the internet & brings up your business to your desired level.
  3. It helps your business to rank on top in google search & marks your clear presence online by making you visible for audiences, visitors & your potential customers.
  4. Additionally, they provide website designing.
  5. They also provide quality content for web development & also for e-commerce website development.
  6. Search Engine Optimization(SEO), mobile networking, email marketing, online branding, and different app development are provided in certain kinds of companies.

SEO is necessary for the success of any online business. It stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is a set of rules which boosts your website ranking on google search, increases visibility, and gets more traffic on your website. Additionally, SEO is also necessary for :

  1. Identifying what users are searching for that is related to your products & services.
  2. Gaining visitors or customers to your website or e-commerce store.
  3. It improves the user experience & usability of the website
  4. Increases organic traffic.

Although there are numerous leading SEO companies in Lucknow, Codingclave is one among them which offers the best SEO services in the city. They are the professionally experienced SEO experts in Lucknow for the past 5 years & take pride in offering online business solutions to all the global industry sectors.


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